When eccentric green-thumb 'Gertie' and best friend 'Larz' learn that their beloved community garden is doomed for the bulldozer, they take action.  After all, this urban oasis has been a part of their neighborhood for over three decades, not to mention its most treasured inhabitant 'Sherry' was born and raised there.  Of course, 'Sherry' is a cherry tree, but in our story she's much more than that.  She's a symbol of endurance, faith in family and hope for the future.  But what future can the garden have if "Blubber Burger" is threatening to blow the lot into smithereens... just to build another fast food joint?

Blubber Burger's top guy is 'Mr. BigCheese', and he is ALL business!  He's got to clear this lot ASAP because the sooner he gets this new restaurant built, the sooner he'll be promoted to V.P.  At last!  His daughter 'Brittnee' couldn't care less... it isn't her choice to hang with Dad, she's only there because it's "Take Your Kid To Work Week".   (Ugh!)  Sure, she throws some attitude, but doesn't every teenager?

Devoted to each other and to the garden, Larz and Gertie do everything they can to save it.  As our story unfolds, many surprising twists and turns ensue.  Eventually Brittnee's true colors emerge, and despite the growing chasm between her and her Dad, she joins the fight.  Will the garden be saved?  You'll have to come and find out.