Audience Response

“This is a delicious and completely delightful piece about remembering and getting back to the simple things in life — gardening, growing, singing, friends and community. Both children and adult chaperones were totally engaged and humming the tunes from the show as we headed back to school.”
—Ruth Conroy, 2nd Grade Teacher at City And Country School 

I absolutely LOVED it and as far as I could tell, so did everyone in the audience! There was a little boy riding his scooter home afterwards and he was chatting away about how much he loved it and wanted to see it again. It’s just fabulous – Brave and well done!!!”
—Stacey Lorin Merkl, Founder & Exec.Dir, Realize Your Beauty, Inc.
Promoting Positive Body Image To Youth Through Theater Arts!

“Gertie’s Garden is delightful! A refreshing, and timely story that playfully weaves together the themes of community, social responsibility, friendship, and the love of gardening! A hilarious show for kids and adults that models positive values through laughter and imagination. Erin Duer and team have created an original, inspiring, and theatrically-rich production.” —Jeremy Williams, Producing Director of Convergences Theatre Collective 

“I took my twin niece and nephew to Gertie's Garden as their first theatrical experience and it was fresh, magical and funny - thoroughly entertaining!  I loved the themes of conservation, following your dreams, teamwork and the positive ways in which we can use technology.  I didn't expect to find such a meaningful commentary on modern-day living in a children's musical - in this busy world, full of technology, humans crave connection and Gertie's Garden provides it.   The twins were mesmerized and loved the rap dream sequence.  Gertie's Garden made for a fruitful afternoon!” —-Molly Katz, Poughkeepsie, NY

“I had the good fortune to see Gertie’s Garden on Sunday with my 8 year old niece Jaclynn. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had in a theater in long while. The show was filled with joy and heart and on our way home, we decided to start a garden in Jaclynn’s backyard. It was an amazing production all around.”
—Mark Smith, Brooklyn, NY


“I was extremely impressed by the show. So much talent!”

“It’s so good. I loved it.”

“The play is excellent. We had a great time!”

“Wonderful work! Bravi!!”

“It was great! The kids loved it!”

“I laughed the whole time, and then I teared up. Just beautiful!”


“It was funny.”

 “I liked the songs and when they danced silly.”

“I liked the nightmare part with the animals.”

“I got to hold a protest sign!”

 “Is there really a Gertie’s garden? I wanna go!”